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Health Benefits
Warm water immersion provides proven positive health benefits with no side effects!
by Dr. Bruce Becker

     250% More Blood Flow To The Muscles
     Increases Blood Flow To The Nerves
     Reduces Diastolic Blood Pressure In Hypertensive Patients
     Decreases Inflammatory Processes
     Reduces Hemoglobin A1C In Diabetics
     Strengthens Respiratory Musculature
     Increases Efficiency Of The Heart And Circulatory System
     Increases Circulation To Joints And Offloads Joints
     Produces Reduction In Arthritis Pain
     Proven Effective In Treatment And Relief To Fibromyalgia Patients
     Reduces Anxiety
     Produces Mental Relaxation
     Improves Mood State
     Reduces Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS)
     Reduces Post Polio Pain
     Increases Kidney Efficiency
     Changes The Way Your Brain Works Enabling You To Focus In Ways That Improve Memory
     Produces Increase In Amneotic Fluid In Pregnant Women, Resulting In Easier Child Birth

INTERESTING FACT:  Did You Know - Winston Churchill wrote his greatest works while sitting in a tub dictating to his private secretary.

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